Thursday, October 15, 2015

TFS Build: Configure Package source to Enable Package Restore on your Build server

On a project we are working on, we don’t store the NuGet packages in source control, but use NuGet Package Restore instead. This works nicely and even on the build server the NuGet packages are downloaded before the project is compiled.

Problems started to arise when we switched to an internal package repository. When working with Visual Studio, this wasn’t an issue as we just had to add the internal package repository as a new Package Source. However this is not something we could do on the build server.

When building the project on the build server, we got errors like:

“Unable to find version 'xxx' of package 'xxx'”

So how can we fix this?

NuGet configuration is using a hierarchical system similar to how web.config files work. So what we can do is create a nuget.config file at %ProgramData%\NuGet\Config\.

In this nuget.config we add a packageSource reference:

That’s it!

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