Friday, May 22, 2015

Xamarin.Forms: Xamarin-Forms-Labs

The amount of controls for Xamarin.Forms is rather limited. Luckily with the help of the community and control vendors like Telerik, Syncfusion,etc… this is changing.

One of the open source initiatives is Xamarin-Forms-Labs:

“Xamarin Forms Labs is a open source project that aims to provide a powerful and cross platform set of controls and helpers tailored to work with Xamarin Forms”

It offers a wide range of controls, services, helpers and plugins. A must have for every Xamarin.Forms developer…

Available controls

Available services (Beta)

  • Accelerometer
  • Cache
  • Camera (Picture and Video picker, Take Picture, Take Video)
  • Device (battery info, device info, sensors, accelerometers)
  • Display
  • Geolocator
  • Phone Service (cellular network info, make phonecalls)
  • SoundService
  • Text To Speech

Available Mvvm helpers (Beta)

  • ViewModel (navigation, isbusy)
  • ViewFactory
  • IOC
  • IXFormsApp (application events)

Available Plugins (Beta)

  • Serialization (ServiceStackV3, ProtoBuf, JSON.Net)
  • Caching (SQLLiteSimpleCache)
  • Dependency Injection containers (TinyIOC, Autofac, NInject, SimpleInjector, Unity)
  • Web (RestClient)
  • Charting (Line, Bar & Pie) (Alpha)

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