Monday, May 11, 2015

Agile Project Management with Kanban

Although I have seen the power of a successful Scrum team, I don’t believe it’s the best fit in all situations. Scrum has a big impact on your (development) organization and requires buy-in at multiple levels to succeed. If you believe in the values and ideas behind the Agile Manifesto but think that Scrum will not work in your organization; or if you already tried Scrum and failed; I can recommend to have a look at Kanban. In my experience there is a lot less friction, especially if you are coming from a traditional Waterfall approach.

Interested? Start by reading the following free chapter from the Agile Project Management with Kanban book:

Of course, I can also recommend the full book: Agile Project Management with Kanban.

AgileProjectManagementWithKanbanUse Kanban to maximize efficiency, predictability, quality, and value
With Kanban, every minute you spend on a software project can add value for customers. One book can help you achieve this goal: Agile Project Management with Kanban.
Author Eric Brechner pioneered Kanban within the Xbox engineering team at Microsoft. Now he shows you exactly how to make it work for your team.
Think of this book as “Kanban in a box”: open it, read the quickstart guide, and you’re up and running fast. As you gain experience, Brechner reveals powerful techniques for right-sizing teams, estimating, meeting deadlines, deploying components and services, adapting or evolving from Scrum or traditional Waterfall, and more.
For every step of your journey, you’ll find pragmatic advice, useful checklists, and actionable lessons. This truly is “Kanban in a box”: all you need to deliver breakthrough value and quality.


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Nice video by the author :

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Richard C. Lambert said...

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