Thursday, April 30, 2015

Never share your password with the following sites…

One of worst security mistakes we, as developers, could make is to store your users passwords as plain text into your database. This was a bad idea 10 years ago, is a bad idea today and will be a bad idea in the future. Any good password storage mechanism stores your password in a non-recoverable fashion. This means that any website that allows you to recover your password (and even worse, send it to you over email), is doing it wrong.

To stop this bad practice, was created.

A website storing a password in plain text means that your password is there, waiting for someone to come and take it. It doesn’t even matter if you’ve created the strongest possible password. It’s just there.

Whether it’s someone hacking into their servers, using a simple flaw in their site or even stealing their backups, over 30% of sites store plain text passwords.

We’re tired of websites abusing our trust and storing our passwords in plain text, exposing us to danger. Here we put websites we believe to be practicing this to shame.


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