Tuesday, February 24, 2015

TFS Build Definition–Loading process template takes forever

While preparing a demo for a session I give later this week, I stumbled over the following problem:
I created a Build Definition for a build controller in TFS Online. When I try to edit the build definition(Right click –> Edit Build Definition…) and go to the Process tab, the only thing that shows is a ‘Preparing build definition environment’ message and an endless spinning wheel…
I found the issue on Connect but it was closed as ‘Not reproducable’ Bedroefde emoticon. Anyone with a solution?

Update: The workaround mentioned on the Connect site; repairing Visual Studio; solved the problem for me. 


Manjot kaur said...

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RĂ©mi GRANJEON said...

To solve this issue, i had to clean the tfs cache folder: %localappdata%\Microsoft\Team Foundation. It's faster than a repair process ;)