Monday, December 16, 2013

Visual Studio 2013: RunSettings vs TestSettings?

After creating some tests, I wanted to exclude some assemblies from the code coverage. In Visual Studio 2010 this could be done through the .testsettings file. In Visual Studio 2013you’ll notice that a .testsettings file is no longer included in a unit test project. The newer test framework, introduced in Visual Studio 2013, can be configured using a .runsettings file.

If you use a .testsettings file, the MSTest test framework will be used to run your tests. This runs more slowly and does not allow you to run tests from third-party test frameworks.

The stupid thing is that, although the .runsettings file is the recommended solution, Microsoft only added a .testsettings template to Visual Studio 2013. In the MSDN documentation they mention creating a custom XML file and renaming it, but there is a better solution.

In the Visual Studio Gallery, you can find a solution item template that creates a default runsettings file under Solution Items, and saves you from having to do this manually.  See for information on how to change the default settings.

The runsettings file is used to change the code coverage analysis settings for a test run, in particular which files to be included and excluded from analysis,  and also used to set symbol search paths.


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SaiMithilesh said...

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