Thursday, March 7, 2013

Xamarin 2.0: bringing cross-platform development to the next level

Xamarin brought cross-platform mobile development to the next level. With the announcement of Xamarin 2.0 comes a rebranding of their products, a new IDE called Xamarin Studio, a Visual Studio add-in for iOS development, and the introduction of a component store.

Xamarin Studio

Xamarin Studio is the successor of MonoDevelop. It has a new interface and provides some of the functionality familiar to Visual Studio developers: auto-completion, refactoring, syntax highlighting, code tooltips, code navigation, integrated debugger for simulator/emulator or the real device, integration with Git and Subversion. Don’t forget to have a look at ‘the making of’.

Visual Studio Add-in for iOS development

Xamarin offered the option to do iOS development before, but you couldn’t use Visual Studio and had to switch to MonoDevelop(which was a great IDE by the way). Now Xamarin fixed this by releasing a Visual Studio add-in for iOS development. This add-in offers good integration with Microsoft’s ecosystem including remote debugging and testing in a simulator on a Mac OS machine(so you still need a Mac OS machine to test your application).

Component Store

The last new feature that Xamarin 2.0 introduces is the Component Store. Xamarin has built a framework for creating, sharing and reusing components directly from the IDE increasing the development speed.The store offers ready-to-use mobile themes, Xamarin.Mobile providing an API for accessing common platform features, and much more…

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