Friday, March 22, 2013

Where is the Add STS reference option in Visual Studio 2012?

In Visual Studio 2012 the Add STS reference… option is replaced by a completely new tool: The Identity and Access Tool.

The Identity and Access Tool for Visual Studio 2012 enables you to secure your application with claims based identity and accept users from multiple identity providers.

This extension adds a context sensitive project menu entry to easily add identity capabilities to your Web Applications, MVC Applications and WCF Services. This will provide you with capabilities for developing and testing your application with a Local Development STS, connecting to a corporate identity provider like ADFS2 and using the Windows Azure Access Control Service to connect to other identity provides such as LiveID, Google, Yahoo and Facebook. It does this by updating your web.config file with the proper settings to enable the Windows Identity Foundation in .NET 4.5 and adding the necessary configuration for the identity provider you select.

This tool is not available out-of-the-box. So you have to install it from the Extension Manager in Visual Studio:

    • From the menu select TOOLS | Extensions and Updates. . .
    • Click the Online extensions node in the tree view on the left.
    • Search for “Identity and Access Tool” in the search field in the upper right
    • Click the Download button to download and install the package.
    • Click Restart Now to Restart Visual Studio.

    After restarting Visual Studio, you should now see the Identity and Access. . . option if you right-click on your project.


    Remark: If the option is not there after installing the extension, check if the target framework for your project is set to .NET 4.5.  I first tried it on a .NET 4.0 project and lost a lot of time investigating why the option was not available.


    Srikanth said...

    Thanks a Lot !! You saved my day, I was worried about the option, changing it to 4.5 framework did the trick thanks a lot

    prem said...

    Installation Order Matters...

    If you have install Windows Identity Foundation too.. then in that case, you need to install Visual Studio first.. Then you install Windows Identity Fouundation SDK

    Prem C.

    Anonymous said...

    is there any way to use existing STS project ( developed in VS2008 ( .Net 3.5 ) ) as an IDENTITY Provider for Web Application developed in VS2012 ( .Net 4.5 ) ????

    el dayablo said...

    I'm running visual studio 2012, just installed the extension, and am in an MVC 3 project, but am unable to see the context menu after right clicking the project in solution explorer.

    the extension is loaded.

    any suggestions?