Friday, January 18, 2013

WinRT: Something went wrong with Share. Try again later.

Last week I was happily implement the Share charm in a Windows 8 application, when it suddenly started to fail. Every time I clicked on the share button, no list of apps was shown. Instead I got the following message:

Something went wrong with Share. Try again later.

OK, I thought, probably I made some mistake, so I removed my last changes but no luck… Bedroefde emoticon No matter what I tried I couldn’t get the Share charm working again.

So what happened?

I discovered that if you debug your Search contract code,  it can result in system-wide shutdown of the service, meaning that no Windows Store app can share any content with other apps anymore. Typically, this happens when you stop debugging (in Visual Studio) while in DataTransferManager’s DataRequested event handler.

I found a fix on Andrej Tozon’s blog: restart the Explorer.exe process.

Here are the steps in case you don’t have any clue how to do this:

  • Open Task Manager
  • Select the Details tab
  • Find Explorer.exe (easiest to sort by Name)
  • End Task (button in right lower corner will do the job).
  • Select File –> Run new task
  • Type Explorer.exe in the input box
  • Press OK (and taskbar is back)

That should to the trick…

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Anonymous said...

Thanks dude - you just saved me a lot of time!