Friday, January 25, 2013

Caliburn Micro: Problems binding an action to an element in a combobox

One of the cool features inside Caliburn.Micro is the support for Actions. Actions allow you to bind any UI event to a method on the ViewModel without the need of  Command binding.

Last week when building a Windows 8 application I couldn’t get it working for a combobox containing a list of buttons. I wanted to execute some code once a button inside the combobox was clicked.

But it didn’t work as expected. The problem was related to the fact that a ComboBox uses a FlyOut for it’s rendering which its not part of the Visual Tree. So Caliburn.Micro wasn’t able to walk the visual tree and detect the ViewModel instance that was bound to the View through the DataContext. Instead I had to give Caliburn.Micro an extra hint by using Action.TargetWithoutContext;

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Zia Burkes said...

Finally found something to solve my problems in the combobox. Many thanks for the post.