Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Translating localized error messages

I talked about translating localized error messages before, but this time a colleague (thank you Martin!) found a similar tool: http://finderr.net/

“FindErr.NET solves the problem of almost nonexistent resources on the web for most software problems when they are sought for in their localized form - this is due to the fact that most problems are described in English.

FindErr.NET helps software developers to diagnose problems sent by their international clients with less effort. After quickly finding the meaning of an error message, developers are able to quickly debug the problem or ask for help on internet forums.

FindErr.NET assists IT professionals (such as IT Support personnel, system administrators or computer power users) to find information on a problem they encounter on a localized version of Windows (or a Windows installation with a language pack installed). After finding English equivalent of an error message, it is much easier to locate a solution on support forums, Microsoft Knowledge Base or to find it using a web search engine.”


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