Monday, August 6, 2012

TFS: Do a check-in without triggering a continuous integration build

One of the new features in TFS 2010 is Gated checkin. In this case when you check-in some code, a build is triggered that will build the existing code, plus your check-in. Only when the build is successful, your check-in is submitted to source control.  In that case it makes no sense to trigger another build, as this will keeps triggering builds until eternity.

To tell the build system to ignore the check-in operation, a check-in comment value “***NO_CI***” is specified to indicate "No Continuous Integration"meaning "please don't start a CI build because of this check in".

You can perfectly use it for your own builds too. Place the following into the comment field: ***NO_CI*** and when you check-in TFS will not kick off a build.

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