Thursday, May 17, 2012

TFS 2010: Enable work item only view

WIOV (Work Item Only View) is a restricted version of TWA (Team Web Access). It provides a limited set of operations(but you get them for free because no Team Foundation Server CAL  is needed.

But where can I find this WIOV? In TFS 2008 it was a separate web application but in 2010 there is only one application and the WIOV is controlled by the security system. On the TFS application-level there is a permission called “Use full Web Access features”. If the user connected to TWA is denied for this permission, the application switches automatically to the WIOV.

To help you a “Work Item Only View” users group is created out-of-box, which is denied for this permission already. So the only thing you need to do is start adding users to this group.

  • Log on to the Team Foundation Server
  • Open the TFS Administration Console
  • Click “Application Tier” under host name.
  • On the right hand side under Application Tier Summary, click “Administer Group Membership”.
  • Double click “Work Item Only View Users” and add necessary users here.


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