Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Project Liike: Exploring the Mobile Web

Project Liike is an effort by the Microsoft patterns & practices team  to produce guidance that helps organizations build mobile web experiences based off of existing web applications. There are countless devices available today and all indications suggest this number is only going to grow, without convergence. The factors to help choose between native apps and web apps are fairly well-known. Those who choose the web face numerous decisions and challenges based on their requirements. This project aims to help.

The team is building a sample application, called Mileage Stats Mobile. It will be released as open source along with all of its unit tests. This reference application, began with the source from a previous effort Project Silk. Project Silk was about building cross-browser web applications with a focus on client-side interactivity. However, it was optimized for desktop browser. Project Silk's reference application was simply called Mileage Stats.

Project Liike is about extending and enhancing Mileage Stats with a mobile experience.

Mileage Stats Mobile is just one part of Project Liike. It's a journey and a learning experience for our team to build the application. All information about this experience is published in the docs repository.

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