Tuesday, May 1, 2012

TFS 2010 Build: Where have my test results(.trx) gone?

Last week I had some trouble opening up a test results file from our build server. Every time I clicked on the link in the Build Report I got an error back. OK I said, let’s browse to the drop folder and have a look at the test results file(*.trx) directly. However I noticed that the Test Results folder is not copied to the drop location anymore. This is a change compared to TFS 2008 where the test results are available at the drop location.
So where are my test results than?
In TFS 2008 MSTest.exe used to copy the TRX file and other files to the drop location. In TFS 2010, the test results are uploaded to the Test Case Management server. Luckily the test result files are still created at the build location. So, if you log in to the build server, you can find the .trx file there. To simplify the process I added a custom activity to my build workflow that re-introduces the copy of the Test Result files to the drop location.

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