Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Icons for your Windows Phone 7 app

Looking for some nice icons to use inside your Windows Phone 7 application?

First have a look  at the Windows Phone 7 icon pack. This package contains a set of 64 app bar icons that you can use when developing applications for Windows Phone. In addition to the 64 icons in PNG format (32 dark and 32 light), this package also contains vector versions that can be easily imported into Microsoft Expression Blend.

UPDATE: The Icon Pack is now part of Expressions Blend for Windows Phone. When you are working with the application bar and add items you can change the icon used using a drop down in Expressions Blend for Windows Phone. When you select an icon it is automatically added to your project. If you want to get to the icons to work with them yourself you can find them on your drive in C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Windows phone\v7.0\Icons.

appbar.feature.camera.rest appbar.feature.email.rest appbar.feature.search.rest appbar.feature.settings.rest appbar.feature.video.rest appbar.folder.rest appbar.minus.rest appbar.new.rest appbar.next.rest appbar.questionmark.rest appbar.refresh.rest appbar.save.rest appbar.share.rest appbar.stop.rest appbar.sync.rest appbar.transport.ff.rest appbar.transport.pause.rest appbar.transport.play.rest appbar.transport.rew.rest appbar.upload.rest appbar.add.rest appbar.back.rest appbar.basecircle.rest appbar.cancel.rest appbar.check.rest appbar.close.rest appbar.delete.rest appbar.download.rest appbar.edit.rest appbar.favs.addto.rest appbar.favs.rest.

Another option is this package created by  Bil Simber.  It contains 502 Metro style icons in PNG, XAML and the original SVG format along with a couple of sample projects so you can see them in action.


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