Wednesday, October 13, 2010


If you are using Team Foundation Server together with it’s Sharepoint and Reporting Services integration, you probably have noticed that it’s using a special aspx page TfsRedirect.aspx to link to other resources.

So what is this TfsRedirect and what does it do?

When you  create a  TFS dashboard site in SharePoint, there are several items on this dashboard that point to other locations that are potentially on other servers:

  • Team Web Access
  • Process Guidance
  • Reports shown on the dashboard pages

TFS itself know where to find these assets. And the locations can change if, for example, the TFS administrator moves the reports to a different server. Rather than hard-code the locations of these assets into the dashboard, the TFS team created a web page called TfsRedirect.aspx that knows where these different assets are located, and will redirect to that page.

This is what the URL looks like on the Agile dashboard that shows the Burndown graph:


Not easy to understand as you see. Luckily I found this post that explains you how this TfsRedirect works and how you can use it.

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