Sunday, October 24, 2010

TFS 2010 Management Pack

We had to wait a long time but now it’s finally there, the TFS 2010 Management Pack:

It provides both proactive and reactive monitoring of Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2010. It monitors TFS components such as application tier server instances, team project collections, build servers, and proxy servers. It is a substantial upgrade from the TFS 2008 Management Pack.

Feature Summary
The monitoring provided by this management pack includes availability and configuration monitoring, performance data collection, and default thresholds. You can integrate the monitoring of Team Foundation Server components into your service-oriented monitoring scenarios.

  • Auto discovery of TFS components
  • Implements containment hierarchy, reflecting logical architecture of the Product
  • Implements a proper health model using Monitors
  • Contains tasks, diagnostic and recovery for certain failures
  • Provides events that indicate service outages
  • Provides alerts that show configuration issues and connected data source changes
  • Verification that all dependent services are running
  • Triggers targeted running of BPA against TFS Servers from Operator Console

Note: This management pack will only work with TFS 2010 servers.  If you want to monitor previous versions of TFS, you will need to continue to use the older version on the management pack:

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