Thursday, January 7, 2010

Failed to queue test run in Visual Studio 2010

After creating some coded UI tests,  I queued these tests to run locally on my machine. But instead of running the tests, the test run failed with following error message:

Failed to queue test run 'XXXXX 2010-01-7 20:41:17': Agent service cannot start the agent process on agent 'XXXX'.

No idea what causes this error, but after closing and restarting Visual Studio the tests were running fine.



Mark said...

I'm getting a similar error message. Restarting VS has NOT resolved this issue. Any Idea's?

Test host process exited unexpectedly. Failed to queue test run 'xxxxxxx 2010-06-15 13:10:03': Unable to start the agent process.


Anonymous said...

I am also facing a similar issue. It was working previously and suddenly started to give this error. I can debug through my testcases but can do a direct exceute or run