Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Using msbuild to publish a specific profile using Web Deploy

Yesterday I lost some time searching the exact parameters to publish a specific publish profile using Web Deploy. To help me get this done faster in the future, here are the correct parameters I used (with some explanation):

  • /p:DeployOnBuild=true –> Triggers web deploy
  • /p:PublishProfile=Development –> The name of the Publish Profile that should be used
  • /p:AllowUntrustedCertificate=True –> This is only necessary if the server certificate doesn’t match the server name(which normally shouldn’t be necessary)
  • /p:username=WebDeployUser  --> The IIS user account used to connect to the IIS Web Management service(WMSVC)
  • /p:password=WebDeployPassword –> The password of the IIS user account

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