Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Taking screenshots of desktop applications using the Test and Feedback extension

Microsoft released a Test and Feedback extension for Chrome and Firefox as a replacement for the exploratory testing feature in Microsoft Test Manager. Earlier versions of this extension were rather limited in functionality but with the most recent version you can:

  • Take screenshots of any application on your desktop(not only inside the current browser chrome)
  • Take screen recordings and save them as videos

Getting started


    • I’m using Chrome, so I click on Install.
    • You will be taken to Google Chrome web store in a new tab.
    • Follow the steps from Chrome web store to install the extension.
  • After the installation is done, you see a new icon on the top right in your browser, next to the address bar.
    • When you click on the icon, a popup is shown.


  • Click on the Configuration icon to link the extension to TFS or VSTS or select the standalone option(which has limited functionality)
    • Enter the Server URL and click Next
    • Select a Team and click Save


  • Click on the Play icon to start a new Exploratory testing session


  • Now when you want to capture a screenshot, you can choose between Browser, Screen and Application.


    • If you choose Application, you can select which application to take a screenshot from



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