Thursday, January 18, 2018

Entity Framework Core: Log parameter values

Entity Framework Core provides a rich logging mechanism that allows you to see what’s going on behind the scenes. If you register EF Core in your ASP.NET Core application using the AddDbContext method, it will integrate automatically with the logging mechanism of ASP.NET Core.

Otherwise you have a little bit extra work and should register a LoggerFactory yourself(more information here:

Unfortunately after enabling it, I still couldn’t see the query parameters that were used by the EF queries. This is a security feature that is enabled by default. As query parameters can contain sensitive information, it is excluded by default from the log messages. To include this information you have to explicitly enable it by calling EnableSensitiveDataLogging():

From the documentation

Enables application data to be included in exception messages, logging, etc. This can include the values assigned to properties of your entity instances, parameter values for commands being sent to the database, and other such data. You should only enable this flag if you have the appropriate security measures in place based on the sensitivity of this data.

You have to add this code to the OnConfiguring method of your DbContext:

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