Thursday, July 6, 2017


A long listed request finally arrived into VSTS, the introduction of a built-in Wiki. Before you had to fallback to the Wiki extension in the marketplace.  It’s still in preview but offers enough features to start playing with it. Open up your VSTS account and you’ll find the following new menu item:


When you click on it, you are welcomed with one button ‘Create Wiki’. Shall we?


After clicking on Create Wiki, an editor(with Markdown support) is opened that allows you to create your first Wiki page:


Let’s hit Save, specify some comments and there is our first Wiki page on VSTS:


Creating a link to another Wiki page is as simple as using a Markdown link, don’t forget to replace spaces by a ‘-‘ in the link URL:


What features are coming next ?

Our team is working hard to get you the next set of Wiki features, such as…

  • Wiki search across projects
  • Tags
  • Wiki integration with work items
  • Rich editing experience that support:
    • HTML tags
    • Resizing images
    • Mathematical formulas

More information in the official Wiki announcement and the documentation.

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