Friday, April 15, 2016

TFS Work Item improvements

Work Items are a core concept of Team Foundation Server, representing any kind of  project related work like ‘Bugs, Tasks, Change Requests, …’. Work Items really are the glue between every aspect of TFS bringing a lot of information together.

Unfortunately there were 2 features missing that limited the experience and usefullness of Work Items:

  • You cannot change Work Items from one type to another. E.g. a bug work is created that after investigation turns out to be a change request.
  • You cannot move Work Items from one Team Project to another.

But good news! In the VSTS release notes from April 13, these features were finally added! Smile

Change work item type

You can now easily change the type of a work item, or multiple work items. Simply select your preferred type, add a comment, and hit change. The form will update as a result of the selected type and you will have a chance to review before saving to commit the change.

Change type is also an option during a work item move if the type you are moving does not exist in the destination team project.

Change a work item type

For details see Move, change, and delete work items or Bulk modify work items.

Work Item move (single or bulk)

Users may now move a work item(s) between team projects. The work item ID remains the same and all of the work item's revisions are moved. Users may also change type during a move and add a comment to be included as part of the work item's discussion section.

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