Tuesday, April 12, 2016

A language for Architecture by JD Meier

Last week I stumbled over the following blog post in my news feed; “A Language for Architecture” by JD Meier. This post is redelivery of an old article that JD Meier wrote for the Architecture Journal. It brought back some old memories…

Anyway, although the categories described are rather outdated, I do still believe that the approach that JD Meier describes is good starting point to help you think about  your architecture.

“Building software applications involves a lot of important decisions. By organizing these decisions as a language and a set of mental models, we can simplify organizing and sharing information. By mapping out the architecture space, we can organize and share knowledge more effectively. By using this map as a backdrop, we can also overlay principles, patterns, technologies, and key solutions assets in meaningful and relevant ways. Rather than a sea of information, we can quickly browse hot spots for relevant solutions.”


Go read it: https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/jmeier/2016/04/03/a-language-for-architecture-2/!

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