Thursday, December 3, 2015

Visual Studio Team Services–Code Search extension

With the introduction of the Visual Studio Marketplace, a growing list of great extensions for the Visual Studio ecosystem is coming to us.


The first extension I installed was Code Search, it promises to “provide a fast, flexible and accurate search across your code” inside Visual Studio Team Services. Sounds great!


After installing it, when you browse to your Visual Studio Online project(now renamed to Visual Studio Team Services), go to the Code tab and you should see a search box on the top right corner:


The search offers a large set of functionality like:

  • Filters: filter by project, by location within a project, by scope, by code type


  • Code collaboration: share search results with other team members
  • Version control integration: lookup history

Behind the scenes it is using the power of Roslyn to give you advanced search capabilities.

Remark: The code search feature is free at the moment, but this can change after Preview.

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