Thursday, August 20, 2015

What defines a successful Scrum Master?

Over the years I worked with a lot of teams in different roles; as a developer, architect, tech lead, and so on…  Sometimes we were successful, sometimes we failed. With Agile becoming mainstream, the role of the Scrum Master is one extra role to add to the list.

But as a Scrum Master, how do you know you are doing a great job? Different organizations are in different stages of an Agile transformation, teams are different, business is different,… Still there is a common ground and a set of practices that can help you succeed as a Scrum Master.

Vasco Duarte wrote a great article about these practices useful for everyone in a Scrum Master role today.

From the article:

In order to help Scrum Masters create their own approach we have collected many different views in the Scrum Master Toolbox podcast and have collected some of them here for you to read and refer to in the future. Below you will find a list of 15 tools and approaches that Scrum Masters all over the world use.  Experienced Scrum Masters explain how they define and measure their own personal success as Scrum Masters, and share their lessons learned about how to achieve success. From how to deal with stakeholders, to how to improve your coaching skills, to how to help the team achieve a sustainable pace. The lessons shared below come from many years of experience and will help you improve your performance as a Scrum Master.

We’ve also added a few caveats and warnings that you must take into account. The goal: help you succeed as a Scrum Master.

Go check it out!

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