Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Eurelia–The next generation version of Durandal

After leaving the Angular Team, Rob Eisenberg continued his effort in building the greatest next generation JavaScript client framework. Yesterday he finally shared his work with the rest of the world and announced Aurelia.


Here are some of the features as mentioned on the Aurelia website:

  • Forward thinking: Written with ES6 and ES7 but transpiles to today’s browsers
  • Modern architecture: Multiple small replaceable components
  • Two-Way databinding: Performant two-way binding to any object using adaptive techniques
  • Extensible HTML: Read as ‘Angular Directives’ Glimlach
  • Routing & UI Composition: The already great Durandal router on steroids
  • Broad Language Support: Written with TypeScript, AtScript, CoffeeScript,… in mind

And here an introduction video:

Introducing Aurelia from EisenbergEffect on Vimeo.

As a big fan of Durandal(and Caliburn), I’m really interested in the results. I know what to look into the upcoming weeks…

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