Monday, December 15, 2014

WPF Performance Tips

With the recent announcements about new WPF features, it’s time to re-introduce some WPF related blog posts.

When browsing through the CodeProject articles, I noticed this great post about WPF performance:

This is one of the most complete performance guides I’ve ever seen and certainly useful for every WPF (and even XAML) developer.

Here is the list of topics covered:

  • Basic knowledges of WPF rendering.
    • Pixel Snapping in WPF Application
    • WPF Visual Rendering
  • Detect issues with WPF performance suite - Performance Profiling Tools for WPF
    • Detect Software Render
    • Detect Undesired Rendering
  • Make a trade-off between graphique's quality and performance.
    • Disable Pixel Snapping and Anti-Aliased option
    • RenderOption
    • UIElement.CacheMode and BitmapCache
  • Make a trade-off between architecture and performance
    • IValueConverter and IMultiValueConverter
  • Improving scrolling performance in WPF (Virtualization)
  • WPF in remote desktop
  • Third party libarary
  • The Roadmap for WPF (published at 12 Nov 2014 by Microsoft Project Manager)
  • Brief and Conclusion
  • References

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