Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Visual Studio 2013–SQL Server Data Tools error: SQL71501: User: [user] has an unresolved reference to Login [user]

After importing a database using the SQL Server Data Tools in Visual Studio, I got a compilation error on my database project:

SQL71501: User: [user] has an unresolved reference to Login [user]

The SQL Server Data Tools by default only import the database specific objects. A database login, which is a global database server object, is not imported. This explains the error. But how can we fix this?

In previous versions of the SQL Server Data Tools, you had 2 types of Database Projects; the normal Database Project and also a Database Server project. However in VS 2013, the Database Server project no longer exists. So we need a different solution.

I first tried to solve it using Schema Compare.  I clicked on the 'Options' button in the Schema Compare window and selected the "Object Types" tab. There I choose to include logins. But when I ran the Schema Compare, it didn’t made any difference.  I probably did something wrong, but as I was short on time, I took a different approach. I added a Login object myself and copied the script code over:

CREATE LOGIN [user] WITH PASSWORD = 'myverycomplexpassword'


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Paul Abrams said...

This is not a solution to the problem.