Friday, March 28, 2014

The page at ‘someurl’ ran insecure content from ‘someurl’

For a single page application(SPA) I’m working on, we connect to an ESRI ARCGIS server to load some GIS map visualizations. However when we tried to load some map data from inside our application, nothing happened Verwarde emoticon. When we took a look at the console window, we found the following log message:

[blocked] The page at ‘someurl’ ran insecure content from ‘someurl’

This is a security feature of Chrome. Our SPA application is using SSL, the problem is that the ESRI ARCGIS services that we call are hosted on HTTP. Chrome will silently block the calls to this insecure content.

While we are waiting until our GIS team reconfigures ARCGIS to support HTTPS, we have a workaround(this is a security risk, so don’t try this at home Glimlach):

You can start Chrome with an extra command line parameter "-allow-running-insecure-content", which skips the insecure content check.

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