Friday, February 7, 2014

Visual Studio Online: Remove weekends from the burndown charts

One thing that annoyed me for a long time using the Team Foundation Server burndown charts, is that the weekends were not excluded. This made the burndown charts less useful as it gave an incorrect indication of the sprint’s progress.

In the latest Visual Studio Online release, you can now configure your working week to exclude weekends, or define which days you do you want to be included in the burndown:

To configure this, execute the following steps:

  • Open the project you want to configure in Visual Studio Online
  • Go to the Administration site
  • On the overview tab, select the Team you want to configure.


  • On the Team Overview page, go to the Team settings and select the days you want to include in the burndown chart:


Let’s hope they add this feature to Team Foundation Server soon!

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