Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Unofficial Redis for Windows

While looking for a good distributed cache solution in ASP.NET I felt in love with Redis, a fast and feature rich key-value store solution. Unfortunately there is no official support(yet) for Redis on Windows.

However the Microsoft Open Tech group created an unofficial port that works great!

From the Redis site:


The easiest way to install Redis is through NuGet:

  • Open Visual Studio
  • Create an empty solution so that NuGet knows where to put the packages
  • Go the Package Manager Console: Tools –> Library Package Manager –>Package Manager Console
  • Type Install-Package Redis-64


  • Go to the Packages folder and browse to the Tools folder. Here you’ll find the Redis-server.exe. Double click on it to start it. Redis is ready to use and start’s listening on a specific port(6379 in my case)


  • Let’s open up a client and try to put a value into Redis. Start Redis-cli.exe. It already connects to the same port by default.


  • Add a value by executing following command:


  • Read the value again:


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Anonymous said...

Thank you!!!! This was the only description I could find on how to quickly get started.