Friday, July 19, 2013

Team Foundation Server: Map different branches to the same folder using the SAK

Last week when giving a Team Foundation Server for Administrators course, I got a great tip from one of the students(thanks Guy!).
Let’s first set the scene and explain the situation. For every release they make a new branch is created(and they do a lot of releases). By default every branch is mapped to a different folder so if you don’t clean up your workspace you end up with lots of folders each containing a specific (released) version of the source code.
Because they only need one release on disk at a time, they decided to update the workspace mapping to put the active release in a ‘Release’ folder on their local disk. So with every new release, they update the mapping and map a different release to this ‘Release’ folder. Everyone is still with me?
Now the problem is that when they try to load the solution in the release folder, Visual Studio gets confused and gives the following message:
There appears to be a discrepancy between the solution's source control information about some project(s) and the information in the project file(s).
To resolve this discrepancy it will be necessary to check out the project file(s) and update them. If the check out fails, however, and the solution is closed without saving, you will see this warning again the next time you open the solution.
Clicking OK eventually leads to a checkout  of your solution file and the whole list of project files.
Now what I didn’t know is that you can fix this if you don’t want to see this message. Open up your csproj files and find the following lines:
Change these values to:
After doing this, Visual Studio will complain no more next time you map a different branch to the same folder.