Monday, June 3, 2013

SQL or NoSQL, that’s the question…

imageAre you still using your ‘old school’ relational database or do you want to work with one of the hip and funky NoSQL(Not Only SQL) solutions?  Either way your applications will probably have to store some data. To help you find the best solution for your problem domain, the Microsoft Patterns & Practices team released a new guide about Building Highly-Scalable Solutions for Storing and Retrieving Data (Using SQL and NoSQL Databases) 

From the guide:

This guide focusses on the most common types of NoSQL database currently available, describes the situations for which they are most suited, and shows examples of how you might incorporate them into a business application. To illustrate good practice, the guide summarizes the experiences of a fictitious organization named Adventure Works, who implemented a solution based initially on a relational database. Some inefficiencies in the resultant system caused them to modify their system to take advantage of different NoSQL databases to better handle a set of common business scenarios.

Download it here.

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