Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Users can’t login after migrating to SharePoint 2013

After migrating our TFS SharePoint Portal to SharePoint 2013, our users started to complain that they couldn’t login. However when I took a look at the different site permissions, everything looked fine. All users were there as expected…

Why can’t users login?

This is caused by the new Claims based model in SharePoint 2013. In SharePoint 2010 you still had the choice between claims and the classic security model. in SharePoint 2013 this is no longer the case and therefore  you have to upgrade your users to their claims alternative. As long as you don’t do this, users will not be able to access your sites.

To fix this, open the SharePoint PowerShell command line and execute the following script:


Chaïma said...

Thank you, you helped me with this post:)

Anonymous said...

Hi, I realize this is an old post but hopefully you can clarify my question.
So I have a test 2013 farm which I have created a classic web app and attached the content db to that web app.
When I run convert will this affect any windows permissions on my existing production 2010 environment? I have a feeling it shouldn't but just want confirmation before going ahead, Thanks.