Friday, March 23, 2012

CruiseControl and TFS:Unable to perform the get operation because it is writable

To integrate CruiseControl with TFS, we are using the TFS CCNET Plugin project on CodePlex. The plug-in works great will all versions of Team Foundation Server(although there is no official support for TFS 2010).

However last week, after importing a specific project, we got the following error message from CruiseControl:

ThoughtWorks.CruiseControl.Core.CruiseControlException: Warning AssemblyInfo.cs - Unable to perform the get operation because it is writable

What happened?

During the build, we update the AssemblyInfo.cs class to include the build number in the assembly information. Therefore we remove the readonly attribute from the file and add the build information to the file. The problem is that TFS tries to be smart about your workspace usage based on the fact that your files are readonly(although this has changed in TFS 11). So it doesn’t like that it finds some files that are not readonly inside your workspace.

As CruiseControl does not remove the workspace by default, the next time you trigger a build, the tfs get operation will fail.

How can we fix this?

Use the following settings inside your CruiseControl TFS plugin configuration:

  • deleteWorkspace=true
  • autoGetSource=true
  • cleanCopy=true

If you combine these 3 properties, the workspace is removed on every build and all existing files are deleted.

That’s it!

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