Tuesday, February 21, 2012

NHibernate Mapping-by-code series

With the introduction of NHibernate 3.2, a new mapping feature was introduced: mapping-by-code. Conceptually this is similar to Fluent NHibernate and the Code First mapping in Entity Framework.  I really liked Fluent NHibernate but I had a hard time getting used to the out-of-the-box mapping-by-code feature. It' is not documented at all so I was really happy when I discovered this blog series by Adam Bar. As he says it himself it’s probably the only complete guide to mapping-by-code on the web so far. (I only found the blog of Fabio Maulo as another resource)

Here is the full table of contents of the mapping-by-code series.

  1. First impressions
  2. Naming convention resembling Fluent
  3. Property
  4. Component
  5. ManyToOne
  6. inheritance
  7. dynamic component
  8. Set and Bag
  9. OneToMany and other collection-based relation types
  10. concurrency
  11. OneToOne
  12. Join
  13. Any
  14. List, Array, IdBag
  15. Map
  16. Id, NaturalId
  17. composite identifiers
  18. entity-level mappings

Thanks Adam!

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