Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Bug in Telerik MVC Grid Control: Displaying items 1 - NaN of undefined

After starting a project with the jqGrid control, we decided to move to the Telerik MVC Grid control. Although a very powerful control, some advanced scenario’s were just too painful to implement with the jqGrid. So we replaced the jqGrid control with the Telerik MVC Grid control and were really happy with the result(we were able to get the same functionality with half the amount of code).

However it still has some rough edges here and there. One error we got was when our grid control was bound to an empty list, the following text was shown in the pager part: ‘Displaying items 1 - NaN of undefined’. This issue is mentioned on the Telerik MVC forums and a bug fix is available here.

UPDATE: Last week Telerik released their first beta of the Q3 2011 version of the Telerik MVC controls. I validated the beta and it seems that the issue is no longer there. Great job Telerik!


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