Monday, October 3, 2011

Windows Azure Platform Training Kit – September 2011 Update

Earlier this month Microsoft released an updated version of the Windows Azure Platform Training Kit. The September 2011 update of the training kit includes updated hands-on labs for the Windows Azure SDK/Tools version 1.5 (September 2011.) The September update also includes a new hands-on lab for Service Bus Messaging, which demonstrates how to send and receive messages using the new Service Bus Message Queues and Topics that were just released.

You can download the full training kit including the hands-on labs, demo scripts, and presentations from the Microsoft download center here:

If you don’t want to download the complete training kit, you can try the new Windows Azure Platform Training Kit – Web Installer. This new training kit web installer is a very small application weighing in at 2MB. It enables you to select and download just the hands-on labs, demos, and presentations that you want instead of downloading the entire training kit. As new or updated hands-on labs, presentations, and demos are available they will automatically show up in the web installer – so you won’t have to download it again(and it has a nice Metro style UI).

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