Thursday, October 20, 2011

Enterprise Library: Windows Azure Autoscaling application block

Last week Microsoft released a beta version of the  Windows Azure Autoscaling Application Block.To learn more about this application block watch the video walkthrough:

The easiest way to download the block is via NuGet. There are two packages – one with binaries and one containing the source. The beta includes a sample application for hosting the block and for exploratory testing.

This version offers a lot of new features as well as bug fixes. Check this page for the change log.

Getting Started

Please follow the instructions in the included Readme file to learn how to use the block binaries and about the pre-requisites if you want to build the block from source. They also released a first draft set of documentation, which includes the reference documentation and an early preview of the Developer’s Guide. Both are available via Codeplex.

There is also a sample app that showcases various usages of the Autoscaling Application Block. Therefore they expanded the scope of the Tailspin reference implementation originally shipped with the Developing Application for the Cloud Guide by making it more elastic. The sample app is also available via Codeplex.

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