Wednesday, June 15, 2011

C:\fakepath in Microsoft Test Manager

After recording a test using Microsoft Test Manager, I noticed that the test failed when I ran the test again. I could trace the root cause of the issue to a file upload I did during the test.  It seems like that when executing a test case with Microsoft Test Runner with a step where you have to select a file in a web application, you get “C:\fakepath” for the location of the file you selected.

In my case I had to upload a document from the local disk. When I replayed this action I got the c:\Fakepath folder instead. Luckily a solution is available.  

This Fakepath comes from Internet Explorer and is a security feature which hides the real path selected path. The workaround to get the action recording up and running is to add the site to the trusted sites in the security tab of IE options.

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