Tuesday, April 5, 2011

WP7: An error occurred while accessing IsolatedStorage.

While debugging my Windows Phone 7 app in the emulator, each time the application was tombstoned or closed, the following exception was raised:

An error occurred while accessing IsolatedStorage.

at System.IO.IsolatedStorage.IsolatedStorageSecurityState.EnsureState() at System.IO.IsolatedStorage.IsolatedStorageFile.get_AvailableFreeSpace() at System.IO.IsolatedStorage.IsolatedStorageSettings.Save() at System.IO.IsolatedStorage.IsolatedStorageSettings.TrySave() at System.IO.IsolatedStorage.IsolatedStorageSettings.SaveAllSettings() at MS.Internal.FrameworkCallbacks.ShutdownAllPeers()

The error is clear, there is a problem with accessing the IsolatedStorage. But why?

If I didn’t debug the application or when I deployed to a real phone, I never noticed the issue. So I hope it’s related to a bug in the emulator. ..

Anyone out there who is having the same problem?

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