Saturday, November 20, 2010

From developer to designer: Kuler

Most developers are really great at writing code but if you ask them to create a user interface, they always come up with the same boring standard WinForms/WPF user interface. We all seem to suffer from a lack of aesthetic skills.

To help you improve the look and feel of your windows/web application, I have one really nice tool to add to your toolbox: Kuler

“Kuler is a web application for generating color themes that can inspire any project. No matter what you're creating, with Kuler you can experiment quickly with color variations and browse thousands of themes from the Kuler community”

One of the features I really like is the ability to create a style theme from an image. If there is a specific painting, photo, … you like, it can be used a starting point for your own color theme. Try it yourself…


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