Thursday, November 11, 2010

Entity Framework vs NHibernate

A lot of stuff has been written about Entity Framework versus NHibernate. Although with the release of Entity Framework 4, the gap became a lot smaller, NHibernate 3 brings the competition to the next level (at least that is what I think).

Dino Esposito did a blog series where he tries to compare Entity Framework(4) and NHibernate(2.1)  on multiple areas. I don’t agree with his conclusions on all levels, but it’s still an interesting read:

  • Part 1 A comparison on multiple database support in the Entity Framework and NHibernate O/RMs.
  • Part 2 Looking into some programming features such as lazy loading.
  • Part3 Fetch plans-a recognized and common way for developers to instruct the O/RM about the structure of the SQL you desire.
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