Saturday, July 17, 2010

Reactive Extensions for .NET Hands-on Labs

The Reactive Extensions(Rx) for .NET are great, but is not very easy to get your head around it. To help you understand and use Rx, the Reactive Extensions team has created hands on labs for both JavaScript and .NET to get you started incrementally with the Reactive Extensions.  Both labs largely follow each other in terms of format and what areas are covered. 

The .NET lab has the following sections:

  • Exercise 1: Getting started with Rx interfaces and assemblies
  • Exercise 2: Creating Observable Sequences
  • Exercise 3: Importing .NET Events into Rx
  • Exercise 4: A First Look at the Standard Query Operators
  • Exercise 5: More Operators to Tame the User Input
  • Exercise 6: Rx’s concurrency model and synchronization support
  • Exercise 7: Bridging the asynchronous method pattern with Rx
  • Exercise 8: SelectMany: the Zen of composition
  • Exercise 9: Testability and mocking made easy

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