Monday, July 12, 2010

Having problems debugging a Silverlight application?

Last week, a colleague was desperately trying to debug a Silverlight application. But nothing seemed to work.

  • Just adding a breakpoint in the code… Didn’t work.
  • Attaching the Silverlight runtime to Visual Studio… Didn’t work.
  • Loading symbols(PDB file) explicitly in the debug window… Didn’t work

But the last one set me on the way to the solution. When we were in the Modules window(Debug –> Windows –> Modules), it was clear that the DLL was not loaded. Clicking load symbols and selecting the PDB file failed with the following error message “A matching symbol is missing”.

I realized that the issue could be related to the XAP file not being updated for one or other reason. After removing the existing XAP file and rebuilding, debugging worked fine.

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