Thursday, December 10, 2009

Let your code be in good shape – Fitnesse free ebook

If you care about testing and if you try to use practices like TDD tooling support can help a lot. One of the tools that’s out there is Fitnesse.

Fitnesse is a tool build on top of the  Framework for Integrated Testing (FIT), an acceptance testing framework originally developed for Java by Ward Cunningham. One of the central ideas of FIT was to promote collaboration and allow customers and business analysts to write and verify tests.  FIT makes it easy to run tests, but does not provide a way to create them. The original idea was to write tests in Word, Excel, or any tool that can output HTML.

FitNesse is a web wiki front-end to FIT developed by Robert Martin and Micah Martin from ObjectMentor. If you are interested in starting to use it, certainly check the free Fitnesse ebook.

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