Saturday, December 12, 2009

Code Kata

Software developers don’t practice enough. Most of our learning takes place on the job, which means that most of our mistakes get made there as well. Other creative professions practice: artists carry a sketchpad, musicians play technical pieces, poets constantly rewrite works. In karate, where the aim is to learn to spar or fight, most of a student’s time is spent learning and refining basic moves. The more formal of these exercises are called kata.

Dave Thomas took the idea of coding practice and made a series of what he calls Code Kata, which are small, thought-provoking exercises that programmers can do in the language of their choice. Each kata emphasizes a specific technique or thought process, providing a concrete flexing of one’s mental muscles.

All kata are available for free on his weblog ( On the weblog, you’ll also find links to a mailing list and to others’ solutions to the exercises along with discussion about how the problems were solved.

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