Thursday, June 4, 2020

Azure Service Bus Explorer in Azure Portal

Until recently I used the Service Bus Explorer to debug and manage Azure Service Bus. But last week I noticed the following new menu item in Azure Service Bus:

To use the Azure Service Bus explorer, you need to navigate to the Service Bus namespace on which you want to perform send, peek, and receive operations. Then select either ‘Queues’ or ‘Topics’ from the from the navigation menu. After doing that you should see the ‘Service Bus Explorer’ option.

Following operations are supported:

  • Queues
    • 'Send' to a queue
    • 'Receive' from a queue.
    • 'Peek' from a queue.
    • 'Receive' from DeadLetterQueue.
    • 'Peek' from the DeadLetterQueue.
  • Topics
    • 'Send' to a topic.
  • Subscriptions
    • 'Peek' from a subscription on a topic.
    • 'Receive' from a subscription.
    • 'Peek' from the DeadLetter subscription.
    • 'Receive' from the DeadLetter subscription.

To learn more about the Service Bus Explorer tool, please read the documentation.